A team of consultants, whose expertise focuses on guidance to foreign investors, looking for business development and accessing the Indian market. Actuate's strengths are in opportunity analysis, project identification, forging collaborations with Indian partners, strategising for long terms business development and PROVIDING COMPLETE EXPERTISE ON THE /YOUR INDIA OPTION.

The Team has special expertise in FMCG Marketing and HR fields, with an intimate knowledge of the Indian and overseas markets, from having conceptualised, evolved and implemented multiproduct strategies for new and start up brands against multifaceted competition. The sharing of experience and insights of both the overseas and Indian markets can help new entering foreign Brands gain the competitive edge notwithstanding the complexities and diversity of the Indian market.


Comprehensive information, advice and assistance covering each phase of your entry, to successfully tap the potential of the Indian market. The in-depth insights and sharing of knowledge, on successfully accessing the Indian market, is aimed to maximise the advantage of your Brands and your foray into this high potential market.

The nature of our services aim at assistance to foreign companies, specific to the needs in each sequential phase, of their venture into India covering complete range of business arrangements and alternative options analysis for successfully tapping the Indian market.

These cover three distinct phases:


  • Market watch.
  • Market evaluation and providing relevant information / industry data to facilitate decision making.

Actuate can function as your ' window to India', or your liaison office to carry out market watch, market exploration, information on legal and regulatory framework, competitive products and market updates, locational, infrastructural issues and every aspect of India opportunity evaluation to facilitate your decision making.


Evaluating entry options along with an analysis of advantages/ disadvantages, intended to minimize risks inevitable in any new venture and maximise advantage.

These cover:

Business and industry research for opportunity evaluation.

Entry options analysis such as:

  • ‘Export only’ and distribution options with potential distributor identification, short listing and selection for the right fit.
  • Joint venture partners including facilitating collaborations with 'local manufacturers' seeking foreign know how.
  • Establishing fully owned subsidiary with complete option analysis.
  • Assistance in strategic business plan and long term opportunity evaluation.
  • Evaluating the crucial distribution and logistics exercise and alternate frameworks possible, a critical element for success of an FMCG venture in this Country.
  • Regulatory approvals and legal formalities.


Services cover each of the aspects of information, and assistance in implementation aimed at 'getting started’.

  • Review Indian market opportunities.
  • Revaluating strategy, product portfolio including the need to consider local responsiveness and customising, if and to the extent required due to social and cultural differences.
  • Revaluate proposed distribution strategy and infrastructure.
  • Provide assistance in strategic planning, if required, particularly considering our strength and past experience in multi product strategising for FMCG products to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

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