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Effective and efficient functioning of an organisation requires doing of those things that need to be done, well and in synergy by the team cost effectively. Training provides fulfilment of this requirement. The training in the present context that we would like to recommend should be one that virtually covers all facets of managements. Such training would provide the managerial employees of the organisation a plan to become goal oriented & effective and to be able to work along with others as well as enhance personal development.

The program that we propose to run for your esteemed organisation is titled “Action Centered Leadership”. The program content would be focused on how a Manager as a leader has to manage PEOPLE, because results have to be achieved through the people.

The Leaders focus has to be on simple actions in the area of:


The actions required in the above three areas, put simplistically, cover virtually the whole gamut of actions that are required of the leader. The task has to remain in focus all the time but it is the support of the actions in team building and development of skills in individuals that would enable us to get more out of the people, than they think they are capable of giving.

In practice the development of crucial skills to lead is frequently left to chance. It is sometimes presumed that these skills can be acquired in the course of ordinary office and work experience or at school or at home. Leadership skills actually require special training. Just like a Driver who has not been trained to drive will not fit the bill so also a manager who has not had training in how to manage and lead. The result most of the time would be a workforce that lacks
motivation. Similarly, technically sound people e.g. good engineers appointed as Managers need, apart from the technical skills, practice and insight into management. They need to know and understand skills to get work done effectively by others. They need to be able to lead.

The Action Centered Leadership model provides an opportunity for managers to understand that they have to play an important role in inspiring others by word and example and work as True Leaders. They have to become adept at defining Objectives, clearly and crisply. Planning the task, team structure, individual’s role would require their attention as also proper briefing, monitoring and support and evaluation of task fulfilment during implementation of the Plan.

The Objectives of the program are to:

  • Understand the actions a manager needs to take to be an effective leader.
  • Be aware of the skills in building and maintaining a winning team.
  • Be better able to utilize the talents of individuals within their organization.
  • Be able to develop realistic action plans.
  • Some of the topics covered are:
  • Challenges of Leadership.
  • Skills required for leading.
  • Actions required of a leader.
  • Decision taking.
  • Delegation.
  • Job Clarity.
  • Motivation.
  • Leadership by Communicating.
  • Practical Leadership.

In addition to the contents stated above this program is being modified to tailor it to the needs of your esteemed organisation. Some of the emphasis points that are being focused on are:

Skills for Planning.

  • Task & Target setting.
  • Building abilities for creating highly motivated teams.
  • Building abilities in Managers for being proactive and Risk taking.


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