HIRING of experienced qualified professionals for limited tenures can be tough – Good workers are never attracted to such short-term opportunities.

We service short-term manpower needs. We take upon ourselves to get your assignments completed and Project fulfilled by providing you adequate qualified manpower at your work site or carry out the same off shore i.e. at our office.

Avail of our support:

  • Predetermined manpower supply of desired skill/competence profiles.
  • Round the clock manning without breaks.
  • Services both at site and off site.
  • Assignment linked manpower arrangements.
  • Special skills made available for short time spans.
  • Project based support with diverse services packaged together.
  • Job work assignments.


Book Keeping & Accounting

We ensure your books are accurate and thoroughly maintained with our team of accounting specialist, working continuously to keep a trained eye on your ledgers. The comprehensive approach of our book keepers takes care of everything from bank reconciliation, invoicing to cash flow management and year end reporting.


Services typically cover all employment related processes and procedures to keep your in-house human assets ticking and efficiently productive. An ideal solution offered is a setting up of an online Hub with well defined accessibility to the employees and the decision makers. Services, customized to your evolving business needs cover benefits enrollment, time reporting, and performance management. Periodically we provide compensation bench marking for remaining competitive.

Do you want to get our quality service for your business?